Woman before wisdom teeth removal in Winnipeg

Wisdom Teeth Removal for Winnipeg

Luckily, serious dental problems do not happen often. And when they do happen, you do not have to suffer through them by yourself. Let the staff at East Kildonan Dental Group help you find relief through oral surgery, including root canals and wisdom teeth removal, at our Winnipeg practice.

Learn More About Root Canals
When cavities penetrate to the nerves and blood vessels beneath your tooth enamel, they cause severe infections. When you bite-or even when you hold your mouth still-you may feel pain in your tooth and jaw. To rectify this problem, schedule a root canal with our office.

During a root canal procedure, your dentist will drill away the infected part of the tooth and drain the infected soft tissues. Then he or she will fill the empty canal with resin and install a crown or cap that prevents future infections.

Schedule Wisdom Teeth Removal
Some lucky people do not have to worry about their wisdom teeth. They have large enough jaws to accommodate this extra set of molars, or they never develop wisdom teeth at all. However, most people's jawbones do not have room for these teeth, and these molars push the rest of their teeth out of alignment and cause jaw problems.

If you believe you need wisdom teeth removal, our Winnipeg dentists can discuss your options with you. Should you require this procedure, your dentist will simply extract them like any other tooth if they have erupted. But if they have not erupted, he or she will cut through the gums, extract the teeth from the jawbone, and stitch the area for a fast recovery.

Contact Our Staff with Any Questions
Let our dentists and staff help you find relief from oral pain and discomfort. If you would like more information about root canals and wisdom teeth removal at our Winnipeg general dentistry practice, call us at 204-661-2614.